Top 10 FTP Sites

All of these sites support anonymous FTP:

1. Walnut Creek CD-ROM If it's not the busiest FTP site, it should be. From complete distributions for FreeBSD and Linux to add-ons for Quake, you'll find it all here.
2. Papa Winsock Archive Another collection of just about everything you'd want. Tons of shareware and demos.
3. SunSite UNC An oldie but a goodie with an enormous array of Unix-related files (including the Linux OS).
4. Id Software Quake. Doom. Hexen. Straight from the source.
5. OAK Repository Another megadirectory. Although it's often busy, it's worth the wait.
6. Happy Puppy A well-organized collection of game-related software, including cheats, movies, and apps.
7. Microsoft The best place to go for the latest Windows drivers, updates, and patches.
8. Netscape Where to snoop for the newest version of Navigator the weekend before it ships.
9. Arizona Macintosh Users Group Almost everything Mac, with mirrors of other popular Macintosh sites.
10. CICA An excellent repository for Windows 3.1/95/NT software.