Item Sony MD Player
Description Model MZ-E40 Personal Minidisc System
Features "Vertical" design, large LCD readout, 10 second buffer memory, Mega Bass Sound System, automatic volume limiter system (AVLS). Provides 4 hours playback on two AA batteries. Unit will accept the Sony Ni-MH battery-pack model BP-DM20 which charges internally in about 3 hours using the AC adapter and provides 3 (Sony) to 4 (user test) hours continuous playback Similar to an oversize pager, this unit has a nice feel and is simple to operate. A snug case lets you attach it to a belt or slip it into a pocket. All the controls you really need and a clear readout display are on the top of the unit.
Color Grey/Chrome
Size 5" x 15/16" x 3"
New/Used Used (less than 2 hrs)
Condition Perfect/Like New. Still in box.
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Price New $299
Price $50
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