dbx 20/20 Computerized Graphic Equalizer

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Item Computerized Graphic Equilizer
Description dbx 20/20
Features Computerized equalizer, Built-in pink noise generator, Calibrated microphone, Memory presets, SPL meter, Battery backup, Over 330 LEDs for detailed display.

The 20/20 is actually five devices in one: a graphic equalizer, a real-time analyzer, a sound-level meter, a pink-noise source, and a calibrated microphone. In 15 seconds or less, the 20/20 uses its miniature computer to automatically and accurately equalize the sound system and listening room for flat response at a given listening position. The 20/20 also provides ten memories for instant storage and recall of any equalization curve. Further, it can compute the average of a combination of stored curves to determine the optimum equalization setting for any listening area.

Color Black/Silver
Size 17.5"(w) x 12.5"(d) x 5.5" (h)
New/Used Used
Condition Perfect/Like New
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Purchase Price $1625
Price $750
Seller's Email jhaj@comcast.net
Comments Like-new condition with all documentation and packaging. Rack mount brackets not included/available.

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